Podlediaid Doctoriaid Cymraeg

Join yours truly and Dr Sara Louise Wheeler (yep, she’s a real doctor) for our brand new podcast.

We’ll be posting once every 5-6 weeks with new content all about Cymraeg. Initially starting of largely in English, we’ll drop in more and more Cymraeg as we go along. Having said that, the podcast isn’t a lesson, it’s a discussion and a celebration of our wonderful language with – hopefully – a few nuggets of interest, words of motivation, and chuckles of humour.

You can read Sara’s article in Golwg360 for the podcast here: https://golwg.360.cymru/celfyddydau/2115467-gwahoddiad-noson-lawnsio-doctoriaid-cymraeg-saith

Links to the Podcast:

Intro – YouTube

Intro – Spotify

Episode 1 – YouTube

Episode 1 – Spotify

More episodes will appear here once they’re published…